Monday, 28 July 2014

Bye bye to the Ash Class of 2013-14!

Well I hope the whole of this year's Ash Class are enjoying a fantastic summer holiday - you've earned it! This will be the final post on this year's Ash Class blog, though I'll continue to publish any comments :-) The new Ash Class blog will be appearing soon right here:
You have been a fantastic class all year (I'm really pleased to be having half of you again in Year Six) and should be very proud of everything you've achieved - you'll all make brilliant Year Sixes - I'll see you all next year!
Mr K :-)

Monday, 7 July 2014

Friday, 4 July 2014

Beaudesert memories - part two!

My Beaudesert Memories:

When we arrived at Beaudesert, we quickly eat our lunch in the Cal Day Center and then we went to unpack in our dorms. We had an hour to unpack and then I was up on the Via Ferrata! We went into the walled garden to get kitted up and we had to attach lots of ropes to our harnesses and wear a helmet. Then we walked down the steep hill to the Via Ferrata. First of all we went up on a practice wall which is a lot smaller than the real thing. The practice wall was easy, but then I felt terrified as we approached the massive stone wall. I was one of the last in my group to go on as I was nervous. Once I was up I was terrified of the height, but then once I got used to it I was fine. The zip wire at the end was the best bit!
By Lily B.

On Monday we all did the same thing: via ferrata and frisbee golf but all at different times. First thing my group did was we went for a walk around the park to see where we had to go. After that we played frisbee golf - my score was 42. Next we headed down to the via ferrata which was about 15 mins from the cal day center. I couldn't reach but I got to do the zip wire.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we did monkey trees , greasy pole , geocaching and pyrography on Tuesday my favorite was the greasy pole. On Wednesday we did low ropes and go karts with Will and Seaweed.
By Poppi Ashton

Via Ferrata: 
It was awesome, the Via Ferrata is a huge wall (at its highest it was 30 feet) that you climb round, but before I was allowed anywhere near the massive wall I had to get kitted up with a very uncomfortable harness and a orange helmet. Once I was all kitted up I headed with the rest of my group to the practise wall, we round the practise one fairly quickly, after all it was only a taster for the real one! The big wall was amazing, especially the zip wire at the end!

Monkey trees:
WOW!, I absolutely loved it. I went all the way to the top of the 35 foot tree, UNBELIEVABLE!, I was third to go up using only a harness, a helmet, climbing gripes and a tree. I would probably say that it was one of the best activities that I will ever do in my life!

Greasy pole:

Well, you have to sit in the middle of a pole with a heavy pillow and wait for the battle command ( in my case 1,2,3, beaudesert) then you start hitting each other with the pillow and until one of you falls of into the pool of freezing water underneath! And guess what I won the whole thing out of everyone!!!!
By Lily A

Beaudesert memories - part one...

Our Beaudesert Memories:
On Monday we did via ferrata . Steve the instructor showed you how to clip your self to each rope with a green string [but if it was a red string then you don’t clip your self into it]. As I was too small I needed Harry to guide me through it  so he could help me put my feet on wall - after all, I did do the splits three times! We had to climb on real rocks then, when we were finished, we would zipwire on to the foor .

My other favorite was the greasy pole. It is a swimming pool and there was a wooden platform where you would stand on and then bum shuffle on to the greasy pole and then you have a pillow and a helmet but if you lose you will go into the swimming pool!
By Katlyn Tomkinson.

At camp my favourite activity was the via ferrata, I liked the zip wire at the end of it and the bit where you had to lean back and slowly move across the wall. I also liked the pedal go karts: we had to put elbow and knee pads on as well as a helmet they were easier to pedal than I thought they would be - the races were fun. On both nights I got barely any sleep. On the monkey trees they were about 35ft tall. I went to the top  of the trees - they were really high when you looked down. I climbed right to the top of it then you went down mission impossible style - that was fun.The greasy pole was a bit unfair because you only got to use one hand you had to put one hand on your head and the other for waking i fell off it was not very slippery or wet i thought it would be much bigger and over a lake. In the spare time we ate sweets.
By Adam Williams

My Beaudesert memories are the Via ferrata, Go karts and the Greasy pole.
The Via ferrata is where you are clipped on to some rope and you go climbing around walls. Then there is a rope bridge and you go across it and at the end there is a zip wire.   
The Go karts is where you go around a track and i was racing with Jaden and i won the race.
The Greasy pole is where there's a pole and there is a swimming pool underneath it. You get a pillow each and there's two people on the pole and you have to hit each over with the pillow and one should fall off it.
The Monkey trees is where you climb up a tree and you get kitted up and start to climb up the tree and when you want to come down you have to hold on to the rope and the instructor brings you down.

That's all of my memories.
By Chelsea Milner

Dear Diary ….

My favourite activity was , the via ferrata which we did on
Monday , with Mr Hunt . At first I was frightened because
of the height , but when we started I started to feel more
confident and I went on . It started to get higher and
higher until I got to the bridge I thought that I can`t do
it , but I finally stood on it and walked half way and my
friend started wobbling the rope and I nearly fell of ,
but at least I was attached to a rope . When I  came off
the bridge I ran to the zip wire and waited until it was
my turn . Finally it was my turn the instructor clipped
me to the wire and pushed me off I screamed half way
but I stopped   screaming and at last I was at the bottom.
By Nikola Tomiak

Molly W's tsunami facts!

Tsunamis are giant waves caused by Earthquakes underwater, they can cause great damage and thousands of people die from them every year!

1) If the water goes far back that's a warning that a tsunami is on its way!

2) When the tsunami hits shallow water it slows down, but the height of it increases.

3) In Japanese the word ‘tsunami’ means harbour wave.

4) Tsunami waves can be as huge as 100 ft!

5) 80% of tsunamis are occur in the Pacific Ocean’s ‘Ring of Fire’

6) Tsunamis can travel as fast as 5000 miles per hour!

7) Flooding caused by tsunamis on the mainland can be more than a thousand feet!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Abi's guide to Beaudesert!

Camp Beaudesert is the perfect place for adventures and people who love adventures! We went on a school trip this week and I have to say it’s the best trip I’ve ever been on!

‘Beaudesert’ is french for beautiful area (which is very true!) The activities that they do are very exciting but some also scary. Here are a all thirty:
Abseiling, Aerial Runway, Air Rivals (indoor or out), Archery, Climbing Wall, Coracling, Double Crate Stacking, Jacob’s Ladder, Monkey Trees, Raft Building, Traverse Wall, Tree Climbing, Via Ferrata, Survival Challenge, Bivouac Building, Circus Skills, Pedal Go-Karts, Low Ropes Course, Metal Detecting, Assault Course, Crazy Golf, Greasy Pole, Pyrography, Mini Beast Safari, Lawn Games, Pioneering, Initiative Exercises, Bivouacs, Geocaching, Clay Making, Frisbee Golf, Orienteering Maps, Audio Trail and Beaver Trail. NOW THAT’S A LOT.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Mrs Williams' group in action!

Mr M's group doing pyrography and the greasy pole!

Day one at Beaudesert, by Ellie B & Charlotte...

First we went for a park walk around Beaudesert and explored our bearings. Then we came down to our first activity, the mighty Via Ferrata hoping to get kitted up but we had to go back up the hill to the office. 
Once we were ready we went on the challenging Via Ferrata everyone tried very hard even Mr Kenyon, and this is Charlotte speeding down the zip wire singing 'I believe I can fly!!!!!'
After we had tea we went down into the forest to play Frisbee Golf and afterwards we had some spare time and played hide and seek!

Some pics from day one...

More pics to follow later!!!